A year ago at the initiative of the Public Union «Ukrainian partnership Forum» was held a huge event «House of innovation at Trinity square». It brought together scientists, businessmen, public figures, students, startups, thought leaders.рекомендую Igor Yankovsky

It showed, above all, two trends. First, in our country there is an information vacuum between the carriers of ideas and society. And secondly, it became obvious that Ukraine needs a permanent site, which would have provided an opportunity for innovators, inventors, and scientists tell us about yourself, and businessmen, in turn, is to be able to find new ways to invest.

Recently, these insights have received confirmation, when in September of this year at the request of «the Ukrainian Forum of partnership» conducted a sociological survey of Ukrainian scientists. I must say that for the first time in 25 years someone has set out to find out why society knows so little about results of work of Russian scientists. Were interviewed the scientific staff from 35 research institutions in 5 cities (Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv). The total number of respondents – 1,000 respondents.

In the end, it was found that 55 percent of respondents it is difficult to convey information about their inventions through the media. Special editions work on a narrow audience, and the popular media prefer entertainment information (the state at 59%).

Almost 90% of respondents support the idea of establishing in Ukraine of the centre, which would specialize in the promotion and support of domestic scientific research, provided technical assistance to scientists and startups, favored the creation of a positive image of scientists and entrepreneurs associated with the scientific field and spread news about science and innovation.

Facilities that would like to have researchers, most interested in the lectures of famous scientists, startups, promoting science (60%). Foreign language courses interesting for 46% of respondents, round tables, master classes and workshops 42% of the interactive exhibition of innovations – 30%, assistance in the preparation of a professional presentation of the project 23% services video production services – 22%.